Complex Litigation

Beauchamp & Idlett is a full service plaintiffs’ law firm; we specialize in helping people who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, recover financial compensation.

Attorneys practice different types of law, similar to the way physicians specialize in different areas of medicine. For example, some attorneys work primarily with real estate transactions, criminal law, commercial/business law or family law. Beauchamp & Idlett is focused solely on plaintiff litigation because it is is where our expertise lies.

The complex cases we take on usually involve theories of negligence that are not ordinary and involve extensive expert testimony. These complex cases also involve serious injuries. By handling a large number of these complex cases for the last two decades, the Beauchamp & Idlett firm has gained a great deal of medical knowledge to understand serious injuries and has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of creative ways to find liability for the party at fault.

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