Experts We Trust

At the Beauchamp & Idlett law firm, we maintain strong relationships with several local experts in the Albany, Georgia area that we consult with on a regular basis. These experts provide valuable insight based on their areas of expertise to aid us in the process of building successful personal injury cases for our clients.

Dr. Raymond H. Bailey

Chiropractic Physician, Bailey Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic Physician in Albany, Georgia, Dr. Raymond H. Bailey, describes what his role in a personal injury case is and how he helps the clients of Beauchamp & Idlett after they’ve been injured.

One of the many trusted experts we confer with is Dr. Raymond H. Bailey. Dr. Bailey has been specializing in the treatment of motor vehicle collision injuries for over 41 years. We often consult with Dr. Bailey to help us verify the intensity of our clients’ injuries so that they are able to be compensated accordingly.

Dr. Harry Weiser

Neurosurgeon, Albany Neuro Diagnostic Center

Neurosurgeon in Albany, Georgia, Dr. Harry Weiser, explains how he assists the attorneys of Beauchamp & Idlett by providing valuable diagnostic data, and shares details of a specific incident where his findings made a significant impact on a case.

Dr. Harry Weiser is a board-certified neurosurgeon and an asset to our team of experts at Beauchamp & Idlett. Dr. Weiser oversees neuro diagnostic testing for patients who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions or other traumatic events. Dr. Weiser’s findings are instrumental in helping us build strong cases for our clients.

Mike Massey

Accident Reconstruction Specialist, South Georgia Accident Reconstruction

As an accident reconstruction specialist, Mike Massey is hired by law firms like Beauchamp & Idlett to examine the scene where a motor vehicle collision has occurred, along with the vehicles involved, to reconstruct the crash and provide insight into what party was at fault. This information helps to inform our decision on whether or not we have a personal injury case that can be pursued.

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