Product Liability

The Beauchamp & Idlett firm is involved in defective product litigation in a number of areas, including automobile defects and defective industrial machinery, and has handled cases involving defective fuel systems, rollovers, roof crush, tire separations, and many other types of SUV and automobile claims.

Through the years, a network of both experts and other attorneys throughout the country who share information and ideas necessary to successfully prosecute claims against motor vehicle manufacturers has been assembled.

Manufacturers who put products in the stream of commerce are under a legal obligation to design items that do not cause injury. However, at times products make it into the market place that do cause injury; when this occurs and a person is harmed, the injured party is entitled to seek financial compensation for damages.

In addition to automotive products claims, Beauchamp & Idlett has handled many other products liability cases including medication, medical devices and implants, industrial machinery, and numerous other consumer products.

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